Like many things in life, things generally have a tendency to take their course. And that does not necessarily mean it has to be anything taken personally! Life has a start an end. So do car rides, classes, hobbies and yes, even certain relationships. People are in each other’s lives for various reasons. Somehow the parties served a purpose to each other and some of the reasons are healthy and some are not so healthy. But when the relationship has completed it’s course, it simply means it is time to take a new course. Understandably, some instinctive reactions can be upset or anger and of course, some grief. This is a change in our day-to-day lives, something we are not used to.

What To Do When A Friendship Ends

The first step, although easier said than done, is to not take it too hard. The reality is, you will never know the full story of why the other party decided to take that turn. It may have nothing to do with you at all. Or it may have something to do with you but for the wrong reasons. Or it could have something to do with you that you could benefit from working on as well as an infinite other number of possibilities. The fact is, the other party made the decision they did and the best we can do is direct our attention to factors within our influence to direct us in a healthy direction. It is completely ok to give yourself permission to have a mix of emotions. This can be feeling sad, angry, and missing what once was. The trick is to not ruminate too much over it to the point of interfering with day to day life and your own potential for progress and ongoing growth. It’s ok to talk about it to a healthy audience and have a good sounding board as well.

At the same time, do not forget to validate the relationships you do have. Because the truth is, no person is for everyone. But each one of us, can be for someone or more than someone. We each have desirable qualities that make us people others want to be around. Another point that is good to keep in mind is that, we evolve, adapt, and change as people. Sometimes, the most emotionally laden departures have to do with those we felt the most invested in. Perhaps at one point the two parties were best friends or somehow convinced they’d be in each other’s lives for life. There’s nothing wrong with growing into different people who just have different goals, tastes, and lifestyles. And sometimes, that is simply what it was and there was not necessarily anything right or wrong about the situation, it just evolved!

Speak With A Trusted Psychologist 

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