To schedule a telehealth appointment please contact us here.


While we do have in-person appointments available again, we will continue with virtual options through an interactive video platform.

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Until further notice of when appointments will resume in person. If doing telehealth, please check into your scheduled appointment with your provider at the following links:

Brian Flynn LCSW

Dr. Heidi Heimler

Dr. Hong Yin

Dr. Jennifer Ha

Dr. Joanna Love

Dr. Leah O’Reilly

Dr. Lori Garfinkel

Marian O’Brien-Frigo LCSW

Dr. Sarah Hoerl

Tina Brigham LCSW

Vanessa Sager

Amber Herbst

Muzna Khan

Kayla Rynearson

Dr. Kavitha Venkateswaran

Dr. David Radovich

Telehealth at New Frontiers Psychiatric & TMS

New Frontier’s Psychiatry offers comprehensive telehealth services to patients needing treatment in Milwaukee Wisconsin and surrounding areas. Our telehealth services are safe, confidential and give you access to the full scope of our psychiatric services from the comfort of your own home. Please note, that due to the need for in-person treatment and monitoring, our dTMS services are only available in-office. However, we’re able to offer psychotherapy and psychopharamacology to patients virtually.

Telehealth services are delivered via video-conferencing software. Prior to your appointment we’ll send detailed instructions on how to prepare for your telehealth appointment.

Please also note that due to new legislation passed in 2020, telehealth services are covered by Medicare so we are pleased that we’re able to accept insurance for telehealth services.


To schedule a telehealth appointment please contact us here.