Multiple Therapies For Best Results

For years, patients have depended on our office and clinical team to provide the most valuable therapies. Typical office visits are 25 to 60 minutes. Dr. Yin and her team perform therapy sessions addressing issues such as lifestyle changes, distorted thinking, and subconscious processes. Our team of Milwaukee area therapists offers a variety of therapy options and types in order to best suit the needs of our patients.

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Types of Therapies That We Offer 

  • Brief Psychotherapy (15 minutes) during half-hour visits with the psychiatrist – This type of psychotherapy is intended to promote positive change during a short period of time by applying the techniques of inquiry and goal setting to deal with specific issues. It has also been called short-term psychotherapy.
  • Referral for 45- to 60-minute therapy sessions – if needed.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – This type of treatment is designed to help an individual change their thinking patterns and places emphasis on a person’s current situation, rather than their past difficulties. With the help of their therapist, patients learn to discern distortions in their own thinking and how to reevaluate those thoughts, gain a better understanding of other people’s behaviors and motivations, and how to face their fears and problem-solve when coping with difficult situations. It is designed to help boost the patient’s confidence in their own abilities and allow them to learn how to be their own therapist.
  • Interpersonal Therapy – This type of treatment is a time structured, specific-centered, therapy used to treat mood disorders such as depression. During these sessions, a therapist will help the patient to look at their relationships with others and social isolation they might be experiencing and help them improve the quality of these relationships to reduce their distress. These sessions can also help a patient dealing with a difficult life transition. 
  • Psychodynamic Approaches – This type of treatment works with the belief that all behavior has some root cause. That cause could be known to the patient or it could be unconscious. Patients are encouraged to analyze their emotions and behaviors to identify patterns both positive and negative giving them the power to make changes where necessary and to help improve interpersonal relationships with others. 
  • Exposure Therapy – This type of treatment is meant to help people overcome their fears and anxieties by exposing them to the object or situation which they fear. Different methods of exposure therapy are used depending on the mental health issues they are trying to address. 
  • Behavioral Activation – This type of treatment is a short-term coping skill designed to help people dealing with depression. The patient establishes specific positive goals for the week that they can accomplish that will help them feel better about themselves and their situation. 

We want to help you and find the right sort of treatment to fit your mental health needs. Don’t live with the misery of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, psychotic spectrum disorders, or another mental health issue. Schedule an appointment with a female psychiatrist by calling 414-763-6910 or by Requesting an Appointment online.

We welcome patients from the Milwaukee area, including New Berlin, Waukesha, Wauwatosa, West Allis, and nearby communities.