Treating Ptsd & Military Ptsd In Milwaukee

Do you experience severe anxiety or flashbacks triggered by a traumatic emotional or physical event? Millions of people have difficulty recovering from troubling or terrifying events in their lives. Yet sadly, too few of these people ever seek professional help.

PTSD symptoms can include recurring nightmares, insomnia, unwanted memories of the trauma experienced, avoiding places or situations that bring back memories of the trauma, anxiety, heightened reactions to everyday occurrences or depression. People with PTSD may experience behavioral problems such as agitation, irritability, hostility, hyper-vigilance, self-destructive behavior or social isolation. They may suffer from flashbacks, fears, severe anxiety or mistrust of others, even family members. They lose interest in pleasurable activities and feel guilt or loneliness. They become emotionally detached and experience unwanted thoughts.

Military veterans who have seen combat often suffer from PTSD.

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