Positive testimonials for Brainsway’s TMS therapy continue to multiply. Treatment-resistant patients who have suffered from depression for years are finding that deep TMS (dTMS) is restoring them to a happy and energetic state.

BrainsWay dTMS is a non-invasive treatment used for patients who suffer from severe depression, including major depressive disorder (MDD). dTMS is non-invasive, and is administered in an office setting by certified clinical specialists. Using gentle electromagnetic pulses that target specific regions of the brain, dTMS is proving to be an exceptionally effective way for patients to achieve remission.

Individual Patient Testimonials from Brainsway TMS treatments

Patient success stories from Brainsway attest to the power of dTMS treatment. Many of the patients interviewed note that they have tried traditional depression treatments—both antidepressant medication and talk therapy—and have only experienced moderate and fleeting improvement for their symptoms.

Moreover, many also note that antidepressants leave them with bad side effects like nausea and fatigue. Brainsway dTMS treatment patients experience very small or no side effects, and some patients begin to show improvement after as few as two treatments. Many have reported remission of their depression within 10-12 weeks.

Independent research has also validated dTMS success. A recent Croatian study involving 228 patients noted that nearly 60% had achieved lower remission rates with dTMS versus the control population.

Life Changing Wellness Through Brainsway dTMS

With the number of patient and physician testimonies increasing from all across North America and other parts of the world, it is evident that Brainsway dTMS has the power to literally be a life-changing experience. It is heartening to hear how people express being able to experience joy in small things like the sunshine and appreciating their spouse’s smile.

If you or a loved one is experience persistent and lingering depression, please contact New Frontiers Psychiatry to inquire whether Brainsway dTMS treatment can help you. We have a team of psychotherapists available to help you.

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