Symptoms can include losing interest in your usual hobbies or activities. Some individuals describe it as feeling unmotivated to even do the most basic things. In extreme cases, depressed individuals can find it hard to even get out of bed. People can feel tired all the time but in today’s day and age, it can be all to easy to blame our busy lives. People can also find themselves eating more or much less. Likewise, some individuals oversleep or have trouble sleeping. Cognitive function and memory can also be affected. In geriatric patients, it can even look like a case of dementia. Literature has also shown that depression is linked to pain and can create physical pain or exacerbate pre-existing pain. Concurrent symptoms can include anxiety and it is not uncommon to find anxiety intensify during a major episode of depression. Unfortunately, depression is not uncommon and in the year 2015, 16 million Americans have experienced depression. Treatment for depression can be effective. Modalities include medication management, psychotherapy, and much more.