This is the story of Oliver. When in high school, he had a number of aspirations, he did alright at the time. He’d done research in neuroscience at the Rockefeller University under Dr. RIchard Hunter, competed in science competitions at places like the New York City Science and Engineering Fair and did well. Neuroscience had always been a source of fascination to him. He entered college, then began to struggle with depression. He couldn’t function, get to classes. In his deeper depressive states he’d go weeks and maybe even months without shaving. This is a young man who entered college on a full tuition scholarship at the University of Rochester. He felt he was no longer capable of doing the things the university felt he was capable of. It took Oliver some time to come to terms with what was occurring. The heartache is that, he dropped out, reduced his aspirations and decided to pursue a more average job, maybe in management. By that point, his goal was to just stay functional. He then initiated TMS therapy with Dr. McMullen, not expecting much. He was at the point where he and his father were grasping at straws after trying a multitude of treatments. He decided he’d try TMS as he had nothing further to lose. After about sessions 8-9, he started to feel a difference. Oliver became more active, was out of his room more, and he was even able to reduce some of his pharmacologic burden. He was able to regain some self esteem, allowing him to take his own inner life more seriously, ultimately being able to move out of his father’s house. Oliver has been living on his own since then. He picked up a job tutoring, found he was able to get up and go for a run, go to the gym, and find a wonderful girlfriend. Although there is much more down the road ahead, he now has hope.