This practice shared a very interesting story of Carolyn, 69 years old, who struggled for many years with depression. Her psychiatrist performed a single photon emission commuted tomography (SPECT) scan both before and after deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). SPECT scan is a nuclear medicine procedure that measures blood flow in the brain which correlates with patterns of activity. The areas circled in the image take before TMS correlate to areas of low blood flow an activity which then normalized after a course of treatment, correlating well with the remission of her depression.

This practice shares many other success stories that are warming to the heart. True remission can be seen in one’s face, movements, heard in the voice, spontaneity and being able to genuinely be in the moment and happily. Many patients report thanks, as they have gained their lives back and their natural energy and bounce of their demeanor. Other patients report a pleasant return of normalcy to their lives, how they eat, sleep, and interact.

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Success Stories